Saturday Pennant Teams

Round 17 of Pennant: Saturday, 23rd February 2019.

There will be a free barbecue at the club after you finish/return from
away games.

If you are playing away and intend travelling direct from home, please ensure you have
a magnetic 'dot' against your name on the team board in the function room so no group
has to wonder if you are coming!

Premier League home to Sebastapol

Lead Second Third Skipper
Sheri Tump Eugene Marshall Jim Derham Mick Kelly
Gary Hinch Stuart Hedger Leigh Hanlon Brendan Umbers 
Joe van Baar(M) Heinz Tump Anthony Gilmore Leigh Butcher (Duty)
Simon McDonald Don Grelliet Anthony Briggs Travis Kelly 

Division 2 away to Eastern Park, assemble Lara 11.15am

Lead Second Third Skipper
Nola Hinch Laurie Gilmore Les Hutchinson Mick Warner
Lorraine Sanderson Chris Richardson John Hyde Ian Polwarth snr
Elke van Baar Ben Seaton Max Draper Col McPherson
Jenni Draper Brad Edwards Alan Gillett(M) Damian Cotter

Division 3, home to Ocean Grove

Lead Second Third Skipper
Michael Fedyk Ken Bell Keith Sanderson(M) Rob Grossett
Graham Zanoni Ron Collins Peter Staggard Greg Woodhouse
Jay Beattie Ken Howe Laurie Anset Tony Ansett(duty)
Don Plozza Henry Trusiak Terry Waters George Lucas

Division 4 - away to City of Geelong, assemble Lara 11.30am
Practice available at City up to 12 noon!!!

Lead Second Third Skipper
Steve Dodds Kerry Howe(M) Tony Farrar Bob Dick
Alf Johnson Tom Seddon Pip Ward Harry Watts
Brayden Fridey Michael Gale Nehill Allwood Laurie Hunter
Chris Walters Margaret Pathe Terry Fish Dave Magilton

Division 6: home to RSL

Lead Second Third Skipper
Charlie Mallia Sue Wilson Jean Taylor Daryl Lucas
Dennis Clarke Grant Trewin Dennis Marsh Matt Eaglesham
Karren Pera Lou Podbreznik Julia Booth Brian Harris(duty)
Jeff Hansen Bernie Harris Maryann Hansen(M) Ray Connley

Division 8: withdrawn, insufficient players!!!!!

Lead Second Third Skipper

Emergencies: Glyn Ford, Mary Coan, Rich Tomaszewski, Dina Podbreznik, John Naylor, Neville Wilson, Peter Schulz

If you find any errors please call Dennis Clarke on 0410 637 507